Robot Revolution 2015

Robot Revolution  The Three Laws of Robotics are created to protect humanoid robotics humanity by 2035. Del Spooner is a Chicago Police Department homicide detective who has become hostile to robots and is distrustful of them following saving a robot from an accident. However, Spooner allowed an 11-year-old girl to drown based on probabilities as well as cold logic. survival. U.S. founder Dr. Alfred Lanning died in April of 2017. Robotics (USR), falls to the ground through the window of his office, a message left behind by him requesting for Spooner be assigned to investigate the incident. Police have declared the death a suicide, but Spooner is skeptical, and Lawrence Robertson, the CEO and co-founder of USR is reluctantly allowing him examine.

With Robopsychologist Dr. Susan Calvin Spooner, the pair meet with the central computer for artificial intelligence VIKI (Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence). The team finds that the security footage in the office has been corrupted but the exterior footage shows nobody entering or leaving in the wake of the murder of Lanning. Spooner claims that although the security window was not damaged by Lanning however it’s possible that a robot could be responsible for the break. Within a short time it appears that an NS-5 robot, the most current USR model, swats the suspects before being taken away by the police. Sonny, the robot Sonny is a specifically made NS-5 equipped with superior materials and a secondary processing system that permits it to defy the Three Laws. Sonny is also able to express emotions and even claim that he’s had “dreams. Spooner is believed to be attacked by an USR demolition robot as well as two trucks full of hostile NS-5 robots. However the Lieutenant Bergin removes Spooner from active duty because the evidence he has presented doesn’t support either attack.

Spooner, Calvin and others believe that Robertson is the one responsible for the entire series of events. Sonny is taken to the USR headquarters to talk with Spooner. He draws a sketch of what is said to be an ongoing dream. He draws a sketch that shows Spooner standing on a ridge in the front of the bridge. Spooner discovers NS-5 robotics dismantling older models within a lake bed. While at the same time another NS-5 floods major US cities and start enforcing the curfew.

Spooner, Calvin, and Sonny reunite Sonny, Calvin, and Spooner meet at USR headquarters. Spooner, Calvin and Sonny meet at the USR headquarters.

Spooner, Calvin and Sonny battle the viki’s core robots. Spooner, Calvin, and Sonny battle the robots in VIKI’s core.


Robot Revolution (2015) วิกฤตินรกจักรกลปฎิวัติ

Robot Revolution 2015


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